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Femoral Intramedullary nail instrument

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Femoral Intramedullary nail instrument




1Bone measuring apparatusDeveloping template45181190002201
2Wire penetration guideReset rod7190002016
3Orthopedic drill sightInlet guide pipe190002601
4Orthopedic clampChannel handle190002602
5Orthopedic drill sightCellular positioner17/3.2190002603
6Bone guide needleThread guide3.2×400590002003
7Orthopedic bitNear end hollow drill14190002203
8Open coneHollow hole opener4.2190002005
9Quick-load handleQuick-change handle92190002055
10Quick-load handleConversion joint85190002056
11Flexible pulp reamerSoft reamer positive turn8.5-14190002204
12Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 8.58.5190002205
13Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 99190002206
14Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 9.59.5190002207
15Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expansion head 1010190002208
16Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expansion head 10.510.5190002209
17Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 1111190002210
18Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 11.511.5190002211
19Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 1212190002212
20Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expansion head 12.512.5190002213
21Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 1313190002214
22Medullary cavity enlargement drillHard expansion9190002025
23Orthopedic clampGuide needle holder117190002050
24Bone guide needleBall guide needle4190002006
25Orthopedic wrenchBall handle wrenchSW6.5190002217
26sheathConnecting boltM8×0.75290002218
27Orthopedic clamphandle190002219
28Orthopedic wrenchOpen end wrenchSW11190002102
29Orthopedic wrenchspanner4190002103
30Orthopedic wrenchUniversal wrench for connecting boltsSW6.5190002106
32Nail extractorSlider guide barM12/10190002156
33Bone hammerSliding hammer260190002073
34Orthopedic drill sightNear end sight frame190002220
35Orthopedic drill sightOuter casing 11.5/8.511.5/8.5290002221
36Orthopedic drill sightGuide tube 8.5/3.28.5/3.2290002222
37Bone fixation needleTrocar 3.23.2190002223
38Depth sounderGuide needle sounder40-130190002224
39Orthopedic bitNear end limit step drill6.5/4.5190002225
40Quick-load handleAO type quick change handle190002155
41Orthopedic positioning plateCompression boltM6190002226
42Orthopedic drill sightOuter casing 12/845268290002227
43Orthopedic drill sightDrill sleeve 8/4.38/4.3290002228
44Bone fixation needleTrocar 4.34.3190002229
45Depth sounderLock nail sounder20-100190002230
46Depth sounderDepth sounder 4.5150190002108
47Orthopedic bitLong Bone Drill 4.34.3290002231
48Orthopedic bitBone Drill 4.3150290002148
49Orthopedic wrenchLock nail wrench T25T25190002232
50Orthopedic wrenchLock nail wrench bar T25T25190002233
51Orthopedic drill sightAim for connection block left190002234
52Orthopedic drill sightAim the connection block right190002235
53Orthopedic drill sightGuide bar 340-420340-420190002236
54Orthopedic drill sightDowel sleeve190002237
55Orthopedic drill sightPositioning rod drill sleeve190002238
56Bone fixation needleTrocar 6.0190002239
57Orthopedic bitFlat head drill 6.0190002240
58Orthopedic bitBone Drill 6.0190002241
59Orthopedic bitStep drill 3.4/6.0190002242
60Bone curetL-shaped scraping spoon155190002117
61Orthopedic positioning plateAdjustable dowel lever45181190002243
62Orthopedic positioning plateDowel lever 99190002244
63Orthopedic positioning plateDowel lever 1010190002245
64Orthopedic positioning platePositioning lever 11-1245242190002246
65Orthopedic positioning platePositioning card block190002247
66Orthopedic positioning plateAuxiliary dowel lever master268190002248
67Orthopedic positioning plateAuxiliary positioning rod holding rod265190002249
68Orthopedic positioning plateAuxiliary positioning rod inner core328190002250
69Orthopedic positioning plateAuxiliary positioning lever 99190002251
70Orthopedic positioning plateAuxiliary positioning rod 1010190002252
71Orthopedic positioning plateAuxiliary positioning lever 11-1245242190002253
72Orthopedic drill sightRemote sight frame190002254
73Orthopedic drill sightDynamic hole sight frame190002255
74Orthopedic positioning plateTemporary dowel rod190002256
75Orthopedic wrenchHollow wrench for tail capSW4190002064
76Bone probeGuide needle with hook2.8190002015
77Nail extractorStud boltM8×0.75190002257
78Orthopedic wrenchTail cap universal ball head wrenchSW4190002079
79Instrument box(including soft expanding head box body cover)190002258





Q1: Would you please give some information on shipping mode and charges?

A: Normally we send through courier like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc or post upon request from clients.

Q2: Do you haveISO9001, ISO 13485, CE approvals?

A: Normally we send through courier like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc or post upon request from clients.

Q3: What is the minimum order that we can place? Do you provide free samples?

A: We expect your minimum orders to be least at US$500. However, we understand that customers need to place smaller samples orders in the beginning in order to test market our products. We could offer the free samples, but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q4:Can I buy products not shown but similar to your catalogue?

A: Of course you can, just send us pictures or samples. But this takes a little longer time for delivery.

Q5:Do you have stock for listed products, or they are newly produced? What are your terms of payment?

A: Generally, we have stock for every listed products, which were produced monthly. But it depends on our sales condition. Better to ask our salesman for accurate inventory information. Payment<=800usd, in="" advance.="" payment="">800USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment. Payment methods are via L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc.

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