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Intertan Intramedullary nail instrument

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Intertan Intramedullary nail instrument





No.NameModel SpecificationQuantityCode
1Hole punchHollow reaming drill190002605
2sheathConnecting bolt190002608
3Orthopedic clampSW6.5 / M11190002609
5Orthopedic drill sightPercussion apparatus190002611
6Orthopedic drill sightLag screw guide module 125°190002612
7Orthopedic drill sightLag screw sleeve190002613
8Orthopedic drill sightGuide pin guide sleeve190002615
9Orthopedic bit3.2190002616
10Orthopedic bitPuncture sleeve190002617
11Orthopedic positioning plate11.1/4.0190002618
12Orthopedic bit7.0 Pressure screw opening drill190002619
13Tap for bone7.0 Pressure screw drill190002620
14Orthopedic wrenchAnti-rotating rod190002621
15Nail extractorLag screw bit190002631
16Lag screw tap190002637


No.NameModel SpecificationQuantityCode
1Orthopedic drill sightInlet guide pipe190002601
2Orthopedic clampChannel handle190002602
3Orthopedic drill sightCellular positioner190002603
4Hollow drillMedullary cavity opening drill190002604
5Quick-load handlet-handle190002606
6Orthopedic wrenchConnect bolt driver SW6.5190002607
7Orthopedic positioning platePuncture positioning core 4.0190002614
8Bone guide needleThread guide 3.2390002622
9Orthopedic wrenchInner rod release driver190002623
10Orthopedic wrenchPressure screw driver SW4.7190002624
11Orthopedic drill sightPositioning sleeve 10.6/9.0190002625
12Orthopedic drill sightBit sleeve 9.0/4.0290002626
13Orthopedic bitBone Drill 4.0290002627
14Depth sounderScrew sounder190002628
15Bone hammerSliding hammer190002629
16Quick-load handleQuick change interface190002630
17Quick-load handleStraight quick change handle190002632
18Orthopedic wrenchScrew driver290002633
19Orthopedic wrenchSW4.7190002634
20Depth sounderUniversal screwdriver SW4.7190002635
21Bone fixation needleLag screw sounding tape 70-120190002636
22Flexible pulp reamerT-piercing Handle 3.2190002727
23Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding tool bar190002728
24Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expansion head 9.0190002729
25Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 9.5190002730
26Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expansion head 10190002731
27Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expansion head 10.5190002732
28Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 11190002733
29Medullary cavity enlargement drillSoft expanding head 11.5190002734
30Bone guide needleSoft expanding head 12190002006
31Wire penetration guideBall guide needle190002016
32Orthopedic clampReset rod190002050
33Bone measuring apparatusGuide needle holder190002001
34Developing template φ9-φ12190002638
35Soft expanding head box190002639





Q1: Would you please give some information on shipping mode and charges?

A: Normally we send through courier like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc or post upon request from clients.

Q2: Do you haveISO9001, ISO 13485, CE approvals?

A: Normally we send through courier like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc or post upon request from clients.

Q3: What is the minimum order that we can place? Do you provide free samples?

A: We expect your minimum orders to be least at US$500. However, we understand that customers need to place smaller samples orders in the beginning in order to test market our products. We could offer the free samples, but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q4:Can I buy products not shown but similar to your catalogue?

A: Of course you can, just send us pictures or samples. But this takes a little longer time for delivery.

Q5:Do you have stock for listed products, or they are newly produced? What are your terms of payment?

A: Generally, we have stock for every listed products, which were produced monthly. But it depends on our sales condition. Better to ask our salesman for accurate inventory information. Payment<=800usd, in="" advance.="" payment="">800USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment. Payment methods are via L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc.

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