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Review|Ascent to the top - Interspinous fusion technology academic salon (Guangxi Station)

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On May 20, 2023, the academic salon of "interspinous fusion" technology was successfully held in Guangxi, which was sponsored by Changzhou Jishuo Medical Devices Co.



Professor Wei Jianxun made a pre-session introduction, and the academic salon of interspinous fusion technology was launched to share the latest progress and research results of interspinous fusion technology treatment, to better address the needs of patients and benefit them.


In the academic salon, Mr. Kou Wanfu, the representative of Changzhou Jishuo Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, expressed a warm welcome to the participants and introduced that, as a new enterprise in today's environment, it is especially important for Jishuo to achieve the expected results of its new products and technologies, and a lot of efforts and investment are needed for the major challenges and risks it is facing now. Based on the development needs, ASUS will take positive actions to meet the challenges in order to ensure technological progress and achieve sustainable development. Only through continuous efforts and innovation will the company be able to stand out in the highly competitive market and achieve long-term success.


Professor Tang Hai from Beijing Friendship Hospital Orthopedic Center highlighted the key surgical difficulties from the case, including the degree of disc degeneration, the choice of surgical incision, and the complex anatomical structures encountered during the operation. He emphasized matters requiring attention during surgery, such as protection of nerve roots and spinal cord and prevention of enlarged surgical trauma, and detailed indications and contraindications for surgery, such as disc herniation, scoliosis, severe osteoporosis, and infection.

Prof. Tang Hai cited cases from foreign literature and compared and analyzed the current status of disc surgery in China, while sharing the relevant clinical history and results of auxiliary examinations with his own years of clinical experience. He focused on the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of disc degeneration and how to assess the patient's condition through imaging and laboratory tests.

Professor Tang Hai gave an in-depth discussion on interspinous fusion technique. He introduced the principle, surgical operation steps and clinical application experience of the technique, and explained in detail the principle of interspinous fusion technique, which is to promote bone healing and stability restoration of the spine by removing the intervertebral disc and part of the small articular processes and using osseointegration materials to connect the adjacent vertebrae in a stable manner. Professor Tang briefly described the surgical procedures, including preoperative preparation, anesthesia, selection of surgical incision, removal of discs and spinous processes, and application of fusion materials.

Prof. Tang's presentation stimulated many discussions among the experts present, and the participants shared their experiences and opinions, including surgical steps, material selection and possible challenges encountered during the operation, and explored the further development of interspinous fusion technology together.


The success of this academic salon not only promoted the advancement of interspinous fusion technology, but also facilitated the cooperation and exchange between academia and industry. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of all parties, interspinous fusion technology will be more widely used and bring benefits to more patients.

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