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Posterior cervical spine nail rod internal fixation device

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Posterior cervical spine nail rod internal fixation device




1Open coneOpen cone Φ2.0190011620
2Circuit breakerΦ 2.1190010302
3Circuit breakerCountersink reamer190010303
4nailerUniversal top nail screwdriver SW2.5290010304
5Hook pliersCross hook holder190010305
6Reset forceps-190010306
7Drill guideFixed the drilling guide190010307
8Drill guideΦ 4.1190010308
9Counter wrenchAdjustable drilling guide190010309
10Quick-load handleΦ 4.1290011609
11Bone measuring apparatusCounter sleeve190010310
12Wire shearQuick-change handle190010311
13Bar bending pliersDie stick 24cm190010312
14Rod holding forcepsRatchet bar cutter forceps190010313
15Rotating bar pliers-190010314
16Wire shearRod holding pliers Φ3.5190010315
17Compression forcepsPower rod wrench Φ3.5190010316
18Orthopedic spreader forcepsInternal bar cutter forceps190010317
19Orthopedic wrenchInternal compression forceps190010318
20Orthopedic wrenchInternal spinner forceps190010319
21Medical rulerPush wire locking driver SW2.5190010320
22Orthopedic wrenchCross interlocking wrench290010321
23Vertebral reset deviceTransverse measuring stick190010322
24Vertebral reset deviceHold the wire driver SW2.5190010323
25sleeveInternal bar Bender (left)190010324
26Orthopedic bitInternal bar Bender (right)190010325
27Tap for boneSupport sleeve Φ5.1190010326
28Tap for boneBit Φ2.4190010327
29Bone probeAdjustable tap Φ3.5190010328
30Guide needleAdjustable tap Φ4.0390010329
31Guide needleSingle head probe390010330
32Orthopedic clampSpherical SW2.5190010331
33Depth sounderColumn SW2.5190010332
34Implant boxDeveloping needle implant SW2.5190010333
35Implant boxSounding scale190010334
36Orthopedic locatorTop box190010335
37Screw box190010336







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