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Reconstruction of the clavicle locks the plate Ⅳtitanium 7×81 for clavicle


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Product nameModelSpecificationMatrialCode
Reconstruction Clavicular Locking Plate IVJPSD947-9 holeTitanium Alloy11150207

Locking Plate,It is suitable for internal fixation of fractures of limbs, pelvis, clavicle and hands and feet. Optimize the pre-processed plate and design low profile. Can choose the fixed Angle freely according to the fracture situation.

Product nameModelSpecificationMatrialCode5--2020以上
Reconstruction Locking PlateZXSD026 holeTitanium Alloy1001000657.9554.9
Narrow Dynamic Locking Plate IIZXSD056--14 holeTitanium Alloy1004040654.1551.3
Humeral compression locking plateJPSD134--16 holeTitanium Alloy1035020357.9554.9
Clavicular Hook Locking PlateJPSD094--8 holeTitanium Alloy1030020456.0553.1
Clavicular Hook Locking Plate IIJPSD904--10 holeTitanium Alloy103002045754
Reconstruction Clavicular Locking Plate IVJPSD947-9 holeTitanium Alloy111502077672
Proximal humeral locking plateJPSD333--14 holeTitanium Alloy1054020358.955.8
Obique T- Locking PlateJPSD073 holeTitanium Alloy1028020358.955.8
Distal lateral humeral locking plateJPSD133--11 holeTitanium Alloy1028020368.564.8
Proximal ulnar locking plateJPSD153--12 holeTitanium Alloy1036020371.2567.5
Distal radial locking plate IIJPSD783--8 holeTitanium Alloy1099020340.8538.7



1.Countersunk head of screw: Titanium alloy material. The possibility of the screw head plate protrusion is reduced, and the fixing direction is more convenient to adjust.


2. 2.4mm locking screw:High Security. Offering reliable insertion, the round, thin, blunt edge design allows for minimally invasive muscle penetration, adhesion to bone surfaces, and reduced tissue irritation.


3.1.3/ 1.5mm Phalanx variable locking plate (titanium alloy material):Easy to operate. Extension holes in the middle of the plate to adjust the position of the plate. Plate can be placed on the ulnar and radial sides of the phalanx.

2.4/ 2.7mm First metatarsophalangeal joint fusion variable locking plate (titanium alloy material):

3different dorsiflexion angles, 0/ 5/ 10 respectively, are suitable for different joints. Reliable.Kirschner wire compression holes and slots in the middle of plate.Etching lines on the plate indicate the correct fusion position.

Medial-lateral distal humeral locking plate:

Plates are anatomically precontoured. With countersinkable.head design of 2. 7mm screw to reduce tissue irritation. 5 types of medial-lateral distal humeral locking plates allow doctors to determine fracture fixation schemes according to the condition.

1. 3/ 1. 5mm Phalanx variable locking plate (titanium alloy material):

Extension holes in the middle of the plate to adjust the position of the plate. Plate can be placed on the ulnar and radial sides of the phalanx. Plates are anatomically. Precontoured of phalanx and have left and right types.

Distal radius locking plate:

The volar / dorsal distal radius combination providesarich imagination space for doctors. Precontoured design adheres to bone surface to reduce tissue irritation.Round thin blunt edge design for minimally invasive insertion through the muscle.

2.7mm Calcaneus variable locking plate (titanium alloy material):

Anatomically precontoured plates adhere to calcaneal protrusion, posterior articular talus and calcaneal tubercle.Countersinkable head design of screw reduces the possibility of screw head protruding plate surface.

Cod(non sterile)Cod(steriler)DirectionHolesLength(mm)
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Place of OriginJiangsu, China
Instrument classificationClass III
PropertiesImplant Materials & Artificial Organs
Brand Namegeasure
Model NumberJPSD94
Licence NumberCan consult
Product nameReconstruction Clavicular Locking Plate IV
Specification7-9 hole
MatrialTitanium Alloy

Material: titanium

Note: select 3.5 locking screw

3.5 Cortex Screw

W: 10.5

THK: 3


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