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SuperFix Posterior spinal internal fixation system

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Poly-axial Pedicle screw titanium 4.5×30 for spine




Product namemodelDiameter(mm)Length(mm)MaterialCod(non sterile))Cod(sterile)
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III4.530Titanium alloy(TC4)2143453021434630
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III4.535Titanium alloy(TC4)2143453521434635
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III4.540Titanium alloy(TC4)2143454021434640
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III530Titanium alloy(TC4)2143503021435130
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III535Titanium alloy(TC4)2143503521435135
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III540Titanium alloy(TC4)2143504021435140
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III545Titanium alloy(TC4)2143504521435145
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III5.530Titanium alloy(TC4)2143553021435630
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III5.535Titanium alloy(TC4)2143553521435635
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III5.540Titanium alloy(TC4)2143554021435640
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III5.545Titanium alloy(TC4)2143554521435645
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III5.550Titanium alloy(TC4)2143555021435650
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III635Titanium alloy(TC4)2143603521436135
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III640Titanium alloy(TC4)2143604021436140
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III645Titanium alloy(TC4)2143604521436145
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III650Titanium alloy(TC4)2143605021436150
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III655Titanium alloy(TC4)2143605521436155
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III6.535Titanium alloy(TC4)2143653521436635
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III6.540Titanium alloy(TC4)2143654021436640
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III6.545Titanium alloy(TC4)2143654521436645
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III6.550Titanium alloy(TC4)2143655021436650
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III6.555Titanium alloy(TC4)2143655521436655
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III730Titanium alloy(TC4)2143703021437130
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III735Titanium alloy(TC4)2143703521437135
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III740Titanium alloy(TC4)2143704021437140
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III745Titanium alloy(TC4)2143704521437145
Poly-axial Pedicle screwGB1Z-III750Titanium alloy(TC4)2143705021437150






Q1: Would you please give some information on shipping mode and charges?

A: Normally we send through courier like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc or post upon request from clients.

Q2: Do you haveISO9001, ISO 13485, CE approvals?

A: Normally we send through courier like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc or post upon request from clients.

Q3: What is the minimum order that we can place? Do you provide free samples?

A: We expect your minimum orders to be least at US$500. However, we understand that customers need to place smaller samples orders in the beginning in order to test market our products. We could offer the free samples, but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q4:Can I buy products not shown but similar to your catalogue?

A: Of course you can, just send us pictures or samples. But this takes a little longer time for delivery.

Q5:Do you have stock for listed products, or they are newly produced? What are your terms of payment?

A: Generally, we have stock for every listed products, which were produced monthly. But it depends on our sales condition. Better to ask our salesman for accurate inventory information. Payment<=800usd, in="" advance.="" payment="">800USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment. Payment methods are via L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc.

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