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Valufix 5.5 System Instrument

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Valufix 5.5 System Instrument



1Open coneOpen cone190010001
2Circuit breakerStraight circuit breaker Φ3.2190010003
3Circuit breakerThe circuit breaker is 3.5190010004
4Circuit breakerStraight circuit breaker Φ2.5190010002
5Bone probe (hard)Bone probe (hard)190010201
6Double-ended probe300190010005
7tapThread Tap 4.5190010006
8tapThread Tap 5.5190010007
9tapTap 6.5190010008
10tapThread Tap 7.5190010009
11Quick-load handleVertical ratchet handle290010105
12nailerUniversal nail driver M9190010060
13nailerSingle spindle nail driver M9190010061
14nailerReset gimbal screwdriver M9190010101
15nailerReset uniaxial pin driver M9190010102
16Quick-load handleT quick change handle190010062
17Orthopedic clampPlum plug driver190010063
18Orthopedic wrenchExtended plum plug driver190010103
19Bone measuring apparatusDie Rod (25mm)190010223
20Bar bending pliersBar bending pliers190010213
21Rod holding forcepsRod holding Pliers 5.5190010069
22Reset forcepsRocking Pliers 5.5190010072
23Reset forcepsLong tail Nail Swinging Pliers 5.5190010073
24Counter wrenchCounter Sleeve 5.5190010108
25Orthopedic wrenchFinal lock driver SW6.35190010075
26Orthopedic stripDomino plum starter190010076
27Curved spreader pliersCurved spreader pliers190010036
28Curved pressure forcepsCurved pressure forceps190010037
29Orthopedic wrenchSpinner wrench SW4,.0190010217
30Pedicle screw tail cutterLong arm nail breaker190010107
31Orthopedic wrenchPlum screwdriver 5.5290010086
32Torque handle12.5 N · m190010090
33Orthopedic wrenchLengthened plum screwdriver190010104
34Connect the driver horizontallySW3.5190010025
35Diameter rulerMeasuring ruler190010093
36Medical rulerTransverse measuring stick190010094
37Pedicle locatorPedicle locator190010095
38Guide needlecolumnar490010096
39Guide needlespherical490010097
40Orthopedic clampTransverse joint forceps190010041
41Implant rod press into rodRod Press 5.5190010070
42Rod holding forcepsStrong rod holding pliers290010079
43Vertebral reset deviceSagittal plane in situ rod Bender (left) 5.5190010081
44Vertebral reset deviceSagittal plane in situ rod bender (right) 5.5190010082
45Instrument box190010098A


1Bone measuring apparatusDie rod 50cm190010067
2Reset forcepsFrog reduction Forceps 5.5190010071
3sleeveReset sleeve B 80190010084
4Spinal implant pusherSide bar loader 5.5190010087
5Spinal implant pusherSide upper rod handle 5.5190010088
6Spinal implant pusherStep press Bar T-handle SW14190010089
7Instrument box190010098B








Key Attributes

Industry-specific attributes

After-sale ServiceReturn and Replacement

Other attributes

Place of OriginJiangsu, China
Instrument classificationClass III
PropertiesImplant Materials & Artificial Organs
Brand Namegeasure
Model NumberGB1X01
Licence NumberCan consult
Name5.5 spine instrument A
MatrialTitanium Alloy
Picture numberPart NameSpecificationSizeQuantityCodingDrawing number
1Radiographic RulerDevelopment template9-12190002201GA3X01
2Guide Wire 3.2 mmThread guide pin3.2×400590002003GA1X03
3Hand ReamerHard expansion9190002025GA1X25
4Flexible Ream ShaftSoft expansion tool bar is rotating forward8.5-14190002204GA3X0500
5Opening Drill Bit , cannulatedProximal Hollow Drill14190002203GA3X04
6Protection SleeveInlet guide tube190002601GA8X01
6Handle for Protection SleeveChannel handle190002602GA8X0200
7GripperGuide pin holder117190002050GA1X4100
8Connection Screw, cannulatedConnecting boltM8×0.75290002218GA3X09
9Rod Pusher for Reaming Rod with Hexagonal ScrewdriverBall handle wrenchSW6.5190002217GA3X0800
10Insertion Handle for NailHandle190002219GA3X10
11Multihole Drill SleeveCellular locator17/3.2190002603GA8X0300
12quick couplingAdapter85190002056GA1X4700
13T-Handle with quick couplingQuick change handle92190002055GA1X4600
14Reduction Instrument for Medullary NailsReset rod7190002016GA1X1600
15Reamer Head, 8.5 mm dia.Soft expansion head 8.58.5190002205GA3X06
15Reamer Head, 9 mm dia.Soft expansion head 99190002206GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 9.5 mm dia.Soft expansion head 9.59.5190002207GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 10 mm dia.Soft expansion head 1010190002208GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 10.5 mm dia.Soft expansion head 10.510.5190002209GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 11 mm dia.Soft expansion head 1111190002210GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 11.5 mm dia.Soft expansion head 11.511.5190002211GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 12 mm dia.Soft expansion head 1212190002212GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 12.5 mm dia.Soft expansion head 12.512.5190002213GA3X07
15Reamer Head, 13 mm dia.Soft expansion head 1313190002214GA3X07
16Awl , cannulatedHollow hole opener4.2190002005GA1X0500
17Protection Sleeve, 12/8Outer casing 12/812-8290002227GA3X18
17Drill Bit Sleeve,8/4.3Drill sleeve 8/4.38/4.3290002228GA3X19
17Trocar,4.3Trocar 4.34.3190002229GA3X20
18Screwdriver, hexagonal with spherical headConnecting bolt universal wrenchSW6.5190002106GA2X0600
19Connector, for Insertion HandleDriverSW11/M8190002202GA3X0200
20Aiming ArmProximal sight190002220GA3X1100
21Protection Sleeve, 11.5/8.5Outer casing 11.5/8.511.5/8.5290002221GA3X12
21Guild Pin Sleeve,8.5/3.2Guide needle cannula 8.5/3.28.5/3.2290002222GA3X13
21Trocar 3.2mmTrocar 3.23.2190002223GA3X14
22Drill Bit,4.3,LongLong bone drill 4.34.3290002231GA3X22
23Hammer Guide ShaftSliding hammer guide rodM12/10190002156GA2X56
24Depth Gauge for Locking Screws,Lock nail depth sounder20-100190002230GA3X2100
25Direct Measuring Device for Guide PinGuide pin depth sounder40-130190002224GA3X15
26Reamer(Fixation Sleeve for Reamer)Proximal limit step drill6.5/4.5190002225GA3X1600
27Sliding HammerSliding hammer260190002073GA1X6400
28Compression ScrewPressure boltM6190002226GA3X17
29Screwdriver Stardrive, T25Lock nail wrench T25T25190002232GA3X2300
30Screwdriver Stardrive Shaft, T25Lock nail wrench lever T25T25190002233GA3X24
31Ream 6.0Flat drill 6.0190002240GA3X31
32Drill Bit 6.0Bone Drill 6.0190002241GA3X32
33Reamer 3.4/6.0Step drill 3.4/6.0190002242GA3X33
34Direct Measuring Device for Drill BitsSounder 4.5150190002108GA2X08
35Drill Bit,4.3Bone Drill 4.3150290002148GA2X48
36Handle with quick couplingAO type quick change handle190002155GA2X5500
37Pin WrenchSmall wrench4190002103GA2X03
38Combination WrenchOpen-end wrenchSW11190002102GA2X02
39Handle for Expander SpacerAuxiliary positioning rod holder268190002248GA3X3900
39ConnectingScrew of Expander SpaceAuxiliary positioning rod holding rod265190002249GA3X4000
40Expander Wire for Expander SpacerAuxiliary positioning rod inner core328190002250GA3X4100
41L-Curette for Anterior Nail ContactL-shaped spatula155190002117GA2X17
42L-space , adjustableAdjustable positioning rod9-12190002243GA3X3400
43Space Shaft,9Positioning rod 99190002244GA3X35
44Space Shaft,10Positioning rod 1010190002245GA3X36
45Space Shaft,11-12Positioning rod 11-1211-12190002246GA3X37
47Extraction ScrewPull boltM8×0.75190002257GA3X48
48Aiming Beam for Locking, 340-420Guide rod 340-420340-420190002236GA3X2700
50Expander Spacer,9Auxiliary positioning rod 99190002251GA3X42
51Expander Spacer,10Auxiliary positioning rod 1010190002252GA3X43
52Expander Spacer,11-12Auxiliary positioning rod 11-1211-12190002253GA3X44
53Sspace BlockPositioning card block190002247GA3X3800
54Aiming Arm for Distal LockingRemote sight190002254GA3X45
55Aiming Arm for Dynamic LockingDynamic hole sight190002255GA3X4600
57Extraction HookGuide needle with hook2.8190002015GA1X15
58Screwdriver Stardrive, cannulatedEnd cap hollow wrenchSW4190002064GA1X5500
59Screwdriver, hexagonal with spherical headTail cap universal ball wrenchSW4190002079GA1X6900
Insrument Set Box190002258GA3X-0100-XH
Ream Head Box(GA1X8400)

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A: Normally we send through courier like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc or post upon request from clients.

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