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Titanium cages spine fusion

Titanium Cages for Spine Fusion: An Summary

Spine fusion surgical procedure is an usual therapy alternative for individuals struggling with extreme neck and pain in the back brought on by problems such as degenerative disc condition, herniated discs, and also spinal stenosis. The objective of this surgical procedure is to fuse 2 or more vertebrae with each other, developing an extra secure and also much less uncomfortable spine.

Among the crucial parts of spine fusion surgical procedure is making use of a cage, which is put in between the vertebrae to advertise bone development and also fusion, as well as the Geasure's screws in the spine. Titanium cages are among one of the most prominent alternatives for this treatment because of their stamina, longevity, and also biocompatibility.

We will take an extensive check out titanium cages for spine fusion, consisting of their advantages, dangers, and also how they are made use of throughout surgical procedure.

What are Titanium Cages?

Titanium cages are little, round implants made from biocompatible, medical-grade titanium. They are commonly made use of in spinal fusion surgical procedure to assistance the spine and also advertise bone development in between 2 or more vertebrae.

Titanium is an eye-catching product for spine surgical procedure for numerous factors. It is solid, light-weight, and also corrosion-resistant, makings it a perfect product for implants. Furthermore, titanium is biocompatible, indicating it does not trigger a negative response when put in the body.

While titanium cages are many made use of in spinal fusion surgical procedure, they are additionally made use of in various other orthopedic treatments such as hip and also knee substitutes, the same as loose screw spinal fusion made by Geasure.

Why choose Geasure Titanium cages spine fusion?

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