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Top 5 TLIF cage Manufacturers in Vietnam

October 21,2023

Title: Top 5 TLIF Cage Manufacturers in Vietnam: A Guide to Better Spine Health

Do you have back pain or a spine problem that requires surgery? TLIF or Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion surgery is a common treatment for spinal conditions. In this procedure, a TLIF cage is used to stabilize the spine, promote bone growth and reduce pain. If you are planning to undergo TLIF surgery in Vietnam, it's essential to know the top TLIF cage manufacturers to ensure a safe and effective surgery.

Advantages of Using TLIF Cage

TLIF surgery involves removing a damaged or diseased disc between two vertebrae and replacing it with a TLIF cage. A TLIF cage helps to restore the height of the disc and maintain the normal alignment of the spine. This procedure also promotes bone formation, which results in more significant spinal stability. The benefits of using a TLIF cage include reduced back pain, faster recovery, and decreased risk of infection.

Top 5 TLIF Cage Manufacturers in Vietnam

1. Surgivic

Surgivic is a leading Vietnamese manufacturer of medical implants, including TLIF cages. Surgivic has a team of experienced engineers and prominent surgeons who develop innovative implants to improve patient outcomes. Surgivic's TLIF cages feature a unique design that allows for greater stability and fusion.

2. Osteolink

Osteolink specializes in producing spinal implants such as interbody cages, pedicle screws, and rods. Osteolink's TLIF cages are made from high-quality titanium alloy and have a rough surface that promotes bone growth. Osteolink prides itself on producing safe and effective implants that improve patient outcomes.

3. EgySystem

EgySystem is known for developing advanced medical devices that utilize cutting-edge technology. EgySystem's TLIF cages are designed to align with the natural curvature of the spine and provide maximum stability. Moreover, these cages are made from biocompatible materials that minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.

4. Tungsten Medical

Tungsten Medical is a well-established Vietnamese manufacturer of spinal implants. Tungsten Medical's TLIF cages are anatomically shaped and come in various sizes to fit different patients' needs. These cages are made from peek material, which makes them lightweight and durable.

5. Dafonso

Dafonso specializes in producing a wide range of medical devices, including orthopedic implants. Dafonso's TLIF cages feature a unique locking mechanism that ensures proper insertion and firm fixation. These cages are made from titanium and peek material, which results in a durable and strong implant.

Innovation and Safety

The top TLIF cage manufacturers use innovative technology to create safe and effective implants. Their products undergo rigorous testing and quality control to meet international standards. Additionally, these implants are designed to minimize the risk of complications such as dislodgment, subsidence, and infection. When choosing a TLIF cage, it's essential to select a reputable manufacturer that prioritizes innovation and safety.

How to Use TLIF Cage

After the damaged or diseased disc has been removed, the surgeon will insert the TLIF cage into the disc space. The cage is typically threaded with bone material or bone graft, which promotes bone growth. The cage's sides can also provide additional support to the vertebral bodies, preventing subsidence or migration. After surgery, the patient must follow the surgeon's instructions for recovery and rehabilitation.

Service and Quality

The top TLIF cage manufacturers prioritize excellent customer service and quality products. They offer comprehensive support to their customers, including technical assistance, product education, and after-sales service. Additionally, these manufacturers adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that their implants meet the highest quality standards.


TLIF cages are versatile implants that can be used to treat various spinal conditions, including degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis. This procedure is major surgery, and only a qualified and experienced surgeon should perform it. Additionally, the surgeon should select a TLIF cage based on the patient's unique characteristics, such as age, sex, and size.


Choosing the right TLIF cage manufacturer is crucial for ensuring a safe and effective spinal surgery. The top manufacturers in Vietnam, including Surgivic, Osteolink, EgySystem, Tungsten Medical, and Dafonso, have excellent reputations for producing high-quality and safe implants. Their innovatively designed TLIF cages can promote spinal stability, reduce back pain, and prevent complications. When planning for TLIF surgery, consult with your surgeon to determine the best option for your spine health.

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