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Top 3 Interspinous fixation system in Iraq

April 07,2024

Uncover the most notable 3 Spine Fixing Systems in Iraq:

Have you any idea that the spine plays an important role in the human body? It gives protection and support to the spinal cord important in transmitting messages through the mind to the rest body. Regrettably, due to our everyday activities, we could experience spinal cord, leading to discomfort and disquiet. Luckily, there is hope, and the Geasure Interspinous fixation system is the solution. We will share the very best three spine fixing systems in Iraq.


The Interspinous fixation system provides many advantages, including preventing spinal cord injuries and reducing pain. The Geasure Lamina fixation plate also provide a lot more advantages, such as decreasing recovery time and reducing the requirement of future surgeries by stabilizing the spine.


The Interspinous fixation system constantly undergoes improvements and innovations by researchers and experts to improve effectiveness as well as safety. The Geasure Laminar fixation plate instrument have the most recent innovations that target specific spine problems, ensuring better outcomes as well as faster healing.


Safety is a main issue when it comes to spinal cord surgeries, even so the Interspinous fixation system guarantees safety. The Geasure spinal fusion screws use top-notch materials such as titanium and polyetheretherketone (PEEK), that are biocompatible and provide stability safety. Moreover, these systems have now been tested and approved by various regulatory bodies and the FDA.


Considered one of the advantages connected with the Interspinous fixation system is the fact that the functional systems are easy to use, that will be crucial, especially in an emergency. The best three Interspinous fixation systems in Iraq come with guidance and manuals to ensure easy installation a specialist as well as quick results for the patient. The use among these systems is minimally invasive and calls for small incisions, which translates to smaller sized scars and less post-surgery discomfort.


How to Use?

Before using an Interspinous fixation system, it's important to know the steps involved. First, the location is identified by the affected surgeon taking an X-ray or MRI. Next, they use a small incision make a path for just about any device to access the spine's affected area. Afterwards, a doctor inserts the item and stabilizes the rear, allowing proper healing as well as positioning.

Service Quality:

The quality of service is vital with regards to Interspinous fixation systems since it guarantees quality results and appropriate recovery. The best three interspinous fixation systems in Iraq have set of well-trained and experienced professionals who make sure the product's proper installation, monitoring, and follow-up treatment. They also offer exemplary interaction as well as customer service, ensuring patient satisfaction as well as comfort.



The Interspinous fixation system is especially used for working with spinal conditions such as spinal stenosis, lumbar degenerative disc disease, as well as herniated disc. The best three interspinous fixation systems in Iraq have the versatility to treat several back conditions, ensuring every patient gets effective and personalized treatment.

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