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Top 4 Femoral nail Manufacturers in the UK

December 14,2023


A femoral nail is a tool utilized in orthopedic surgery to take care of a thigh bone break. It really is inserted into the bone to together contain the pieces, letting it heal precisely. There are several manufacturers of interlocking tibial nail in the UK. We will review the most effective four femoral nails, their advantages, innovation, security, use, and quality.


Femoral nails have numerous benefits over other forms of treatments for thigh bone fractures. They are minimally invasive, and thus the surgery requires smaller incisions, which can cause a quicker data recovery time. Femoral nails provides better stability also and support to your bone tissue during the recovery process than many other practices.

Femoral retrograde interlocking nail



One of the top Geasure femoral interlocking nail in the UK is our company. They truly are understood for their designs which can be innovative technology. Our femoral nails are made with titanium, helping to make them durable and strong. In addition they have a locking that is exclusive that can help to present additional security to the bone tissue.


Security is just a priority that is top it comes down to femoral nails. Zimmer Biomet, another top maker, has create a femoral nail system that includes an integrated screw apparatus that is locking. This technique helps you to avoid the screw from backing out, which often leads to complications.

Femoral Nail


Usage and exactly how to make use of

Femoral nails are utilized in orthopedic surgery to deal with thigh bone fractures. They've been inserted to the bone tissue through an incision that is small are secured in place with screws. When in place, the femoral self tapping nails to put up the broken pieces of bone tissue together, enabling the bone tissue to heal. The surgery typically requires a hours being few complete, and the in-patient must remain in a healthcare facility for a couple times afterwards.

Service and Quality

Femoral nail manufacturers offer both products and solutions with their customers. Geasure, certainly one of the manufacturers which are top provides training and training to medical experts on how exactly to correctly use their femoral nail systems. There is also a 24/7 client service line to simply help answer any appropriate questions or concerns.