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Top 4 PFNA intramedullary nail instrument set in Iraq

March 29,2024

Are you searching for a safe and efficient way to treat femoral fractures in Iraq? The PFNA Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set is a reliable and innovative option to think about. This informative article shall discuss about the Geasure best four PFNA sets available in Iraq and their advantages, safety qualities, application, how to use them, service quality, and more.


The PFNA Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set has several advantages treatments over other traditional femoral fractures. The Geasure PFNA Intramedullary nail instrument are made from titanium, that a strong and lightweight material which reduces the threat of infections, breaks, as well as fatigue. The design of the nails also enhances stability and allows for better alignment of the femur.

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The PFNA Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set has several innovative features that increase its effectiveness in treating femoral fractures. The Geasure femur interlocking nail instrument set secures the nail to the bone, preventing migration and rotation of the nail. The distal locking option allows for controlled compression of the fracture site, promoting fracture healing.


Safety is a main priority in any medical procedure and the Geasure interlocking nail instrument set is no exception. The nails' material as well as the design decrease the danger of surgical complications, such as infection or hardware failure. The locking compression mechanism options are also promoting better break healing, reducing the threat of complications.


The PFNA Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set is used to treat femoral fractures. The nails are placed into the femoral canal in a small incision that guaranteed to the bone, and also locked in place. The compression options position the break site correctly, allowing for optimal healing.

How to Use?

Making use of the PFNA Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set requires specialized training and expertise. Medical professionals must follow specified guidelines and protocols to ensure safe and effective use. The procedure involves preoperative that thorough and imaging to determine the appropriate nail size, length, as well as location. The process is completed under general anesthesia, and the patient may need to remain hospitalized for a few full days.

Service Quality:

The PFNA Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set needs proper maintenance to make sure maximum performance and durability. Service quality involves regular cleaning and inspecting, and also sterilizing the instruments. Medical professionals additionally need to regularly evaluate the patient's progress and care that follow-up ensure proper healing as well as functionality.

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The PFNA Intramedullary Nail Instrument Set is used for a certain condition when it comes to medical femoral fractures. But the instrument's application can vary depending on the patient's years, health, and also type of fracture. The instrument set's modification as well as versatility options allow for individualized treatment plans, promoting best patient results.

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