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Top 5 4.5 Pedicle screws in children in Thailand

March 28,2024

When it comes to treating spinal problems and deformities in children, there are several selections available. One of the most effective techniques by pediatric spine surgeons is the use of pedicle screws, specifically made for children's smaller bodies. Pedicle screws are small metal implants used to stabilize the spine and correct abnormalities. The Geasure have actually collected the best 5 4.5 pedicle screws in Thailand for children.

Advantages of Using Pedicle Screws for Kids:

Pedicle screws have numerous advantages over other spinal surgical treatment. The Geasure spine pedicle screw is very versatile, enabling for greater accuracy in fixing spinal deformities when compared to other traditional spinal methods. Additionally, pedicle screws are designed to stay stable and safe in the bone, making them an excellent choice for children who need long-term spinal modification. The use of pedicle screws can reduce a child's time in a cast or brace and also improve their quality of life.

Reduction Mono-axial Pedicle Screw titanium 4.0×25 for spine.jpg

Innovation in Pedicle Screw Design:

Pedicle screws are consistently evolving to meet the needs of children with spinal disorders. The 4.5 pedicle screw design is one of the most innovative features in pediatric spine surgery. The Geasure Pedicle screw instrument for vertebral body molding is really smaller in diameter than more pedicle screw designs, making it ideal for children with smaller vertebrae. The small size which they are less traumatic to the bones and tissue surrounding the spine, making recovery faster and also less painful.

Safety Concerns with Pedicle Screws:

As pertains to surgical treatment, there are safety concerns for children undergoing spinal surgery pedicle screws. However, the 4.5 pedicle screw design has been specifically made for children, with safety being a main priority of manufacturers. The smaller size as well as unique design is the likelihood of nerve damage and other complications that can arise with larger pedicle screw designs.

Using of Pedicle Screws:

Pedicle screws are normally used to treat spinal deformities such as kyphosis and scoliosis. The Geasure 4.5 Spinal instruments for children can also be used to stabilize the  back after a spinal cord injury. The screws into the vertebrae, securing them into place with specialized surgical instruments during surgery, the surgeon will likely make a small incision as well as insert.

Orthopedic universal pedicle screws.jpg

Quality and Application of Pedicle Screws:

One of the most important factors to think about when choosing a 4.5 pedicle screw is the application and quality of the screw. Our best 5 list of pediatric pedicle screws in Thailand was based on quality, durability, as well as effectiveness. When choosing a pedicle screw, make sure to do thorough research of manufacturer and search reviews. Additionally, it is important to talk about with a pediatric spine to know which screw design is best ideal for your young child's specific needs.

Safety issues with pedicle screws can be minimized through careful consideration of the discussion as well as manufacturer with a spine pediatric surgeon. By choosing the best quality and application of pedicle screws, children in Thailand can receive the best care that is possible their spinal disorders.

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