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Top 7 PFNA nail in Russia

March 28,2024

Have you tried PFNA nails in Russia yet? The Geasure Plate-Rod-Screw-in-Nail (PRS) system is one of the most efficient and implants  innovative are orthopedic. We are going to introduce the top 7 PFNA fingernails in Russia, their benefits, use, and quality.


PFNA nails are inserted through the neck  head  femoral restore hip fractures. Their locking mechanism provides stability  outstanding cases  various load conditions. The need was paid down by the nails for additional implants and shorten operation time. Compared to other systems, PFNA Intramedullary nail instrument have been shown to have less blood loss, lower complication prices, and quicker recovery.


The PFNA fingernails use a locking  unique that prevents rotation and deviation that was angular. They incorporate multiple threads that provide firm anchorage in cortical and bone  cancellous. The nails are manufactured from high-quality steel  titanium  stainless, helping to make them durable and strong.

Tibial intramedullary nail instrument2.png


PFNA nails undergo rigorous testing and quality control before being released for medical use. The implants are approved by international systems  regulatory and their safety and effectiveness have been demonstrated in numerous publications. The PFNA nails need minimal operation  invasive which reduces the risk of scarring and illness.


PFNA Tibial intramedullary nail  are used to treat proximal femoral fractures, including intertrochanteric, subtrochanteric, and neck  femoral. The nails come in various sizes and lengths to fit different widths  femoral anatomies. The PFNA nails can be used in revision surgeries and non-unions.

How to use?

The surgery involves making an incision  small the greater trochanter and drilling a hole in the head  femoral. The nail is then inserted through the drill hole and guided into the medullary canal. The locking screw are placed into the relative head of the nail to secure it in place. X-rays are taken to confirm the position and alignment of the implant.


PFNA nails are distributed by reputable companies  medical Russia. The companies provide training and support for surgeons and staff  medical the use  proper handling of the implants. The companies also offer equipment and instrumentation for implantation and procedures  medical.


PFNA nails are manufactured with high quality and precision standards. The Humeral intramedullary nail are made of biocompatible materials  safe for human use. The manufacturing process includes heat treatment, polishing, and sterilization to ensure the optimal technical and biological properties of the implants.

Tibial intramedullary nail instrument1.png


PFNA nails are used in orthopedic operation to treat fractures of the neck  head  femoral. They offer several advantages over other systems, including stability, versatility, and efficiency. Their safety and quality are well established, and they are used in clinical settings. PFNA nails are an option  excellent both physicians and patients searching for advanced solutions  orthopedic.

PFNA nails are a dependable and innovative implant  orthopedic many benefits. They are used in Russia and other countries to treat hip fractures and non-unions. The nails incorporate excellent stability, versatility, and efficiency, and their safety and quality are well established. If you are suffering from hip fractures, PFNA nails can be an option that was excellent. Please consult with your doctor or a surgeon  orthopedic personalized advice.