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Top 7 PFNA nail in Spain

April 26,2024

Do you think you're looking for a safer and more efficient way of broken bones? Search no further than the Geasure best 7 PFNA Nail in Spain. The innovative product has revolutionized on how you handle bone tissue fractures. Here are 5 reasons why you need to spend in this technique.



The PFNA Nail offers numerous advantages which make it stick out among its competitors. The Geasure PFNA Intramedullary nail instrument is made from top-notch materials that ensure durability about the product. This nail is perfect if you are trying to find an economic as well as time-saving solution their patients.


It is specifically designed with a curved shape to match the curvature for this femoral canal which improves the implant's primary stability. The Geasure screw in nails has an instrumentation dongle that facilitates dynamic screw and managed reduction of the fracture. This revolutionary design will get exemplary results with just minimal effort as well as time.


The PFNA Nail is one for the greatest items available in the market. The metallic implant for safer extraction and insertion must ensure the individual's safety and lower the threat of complications. The style also allows the nail to be inserted through a small incision which reduces muscle and tissue damage through the procedure.


Using the PFNA Nail is quite easy. It is really inserted through a small incision into the femur and then positioned such that it stabilizes the fractured bone. The nail includes helpful information wire and tools which make the procedure efficient as well as simple. The whole task can last up to 15 minutes for expert surgeons and around 45 minutes on the inexperienced individuals.

How to Use?

Whenever using of the Geasure interlocking femur nail, it is important to have the right tools and knowledge. Start by gathering the needed instruments, like the PFNA Drill, PFNA Guide, Reamer, as well a PFNA Handle. Once ready, make a little incision introduce the PFNA Guide on the contralateral side to the axis for the femur. Then, ream the canal and insert the PFNA Nail. Lastly, lock the nail by drilling screw and distal proximal and insert the screws.

Service and Quality:

You can expect excellent service and quality products. We recognize that our customers need services as well as items that save money and time while offering excellent outcomes. We also prioritize quality and make sure that all our products have undergone rigorous testing and assessment which making them top-quality.



The best 7 PFNA Nail is typically used in treating fractures into the femur in elderly patients. However, the merchandise could be used in several applications such as osteoporotic fractures, proximal femur fractures in clients more youthful than 60 years, as well as revision surgeries.

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